It is recommended to have your braking system checked at least twice a year to verify its components before any malfunction occurs. A brake system fluid change, as well as the elimination of corrosion, will ensure the proper functioning of your braking system and stave off costly repairs. In fact, the wear of pads, discs, braking strips, springs and drums can be really slowed down with proper maintenance and keep you safer on the road.

Obviously, maintenance cannot be delayed when the brake pedal touches the floor, or almost. Similarly, do not put off seeing your Otobox specialist when you hear a grinding sound and feel vibrations when braking, or any time your brakes are slow to respond.


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equal payments

Including installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and applicable taxes for selected products.

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equal payments

Including, if applicable on selected products, installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and taxes.

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